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Adventure on the Roads

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The road is not just something to pass by while you reach your preferred destination. Apart from taking you to where you want to go, it is a unique experience in itself. Indian roads have much to offer — from roadside forests to cruising by sea shores! TripStar can help you plan fantastic adventure drives that will remain stuck in your memories forever. Our pan-India services cover the length and breadth of this vast country, wherever you want to go. Some of the most well-known highways include the Chennai-Pondicherry route, Puri-Konark, and Bangalore to Bandipur forest.

For our guided adventure drives to be memorable, they must be comfortable. It always starts with choosing the right vehicle according to budget, group size, and luggage space. You can leave all these planning to us as we are experienced travel operators. From arranging permits to making sure that you have a reliable driver to take you where you want to go, everything can be made ready in a very short time. So, do not worry if you are in a last minute planning, for we have you covered.

Enjoy the fascinating moving scenery with personal time management. Be in control of your travel experience with us. Take a stop anywhere where the scenery is just too breathtaking to simply pass by in minutes. In fact, these brief stopovers can also serve for fantastic jungle camping occasions. Bring along the food, or enjoy the delightful rustic cuisines of roadside dhabas. Our jungle safaris are always crafted with the experience of a seasoned traveler. Some places may not be very great for a stopover due to security and other issues, and we will make it known to you beforehand. On the roads, the wiser, the better!
Also, traveling across hilly roads is markedly different from the experience on the plains. Uphill, you would definitely need a really experienced driver to take you safely where you want to go. At TripStar, you find convenient adventure travel packages tailored to unique trip requirements.
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