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Enchanting Coastal Holidays for the Traveller in You

India is rich in its beaches and sea-shores spread across its vast expanse. The country’s shoreline is dotted with the most beautiful beach destinations. The golden sands, the never-ending stretch of clear blue waters, the shaded coves, and impressive coasts fringed with palm and coconut trees — if these are the images that your mind conjures when you think of your dream vacation, then coastal holidays conducted by TripStar are perfect for you!

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However, coastal holidays are not just about lazing around the beaches. There’s more to these coastal destinations than just beaches. TripStar brings to you a wide variety of coastal holidays to appeal to every kind for traveller. Go on a coastal trek or take a walk across the serene beaches of Shankarpur, Talsari, and Mandarmoni. Indulge in adventure water sports at Tajpur. Spend a romantic vacation on the secluded beaches of Goa or Pondicherry or visit weekend beach destinations near Kolkata like Digha and Puri for a short trip. If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife by the sea shore, the psychedelic events, trance music festivals and scintillating nightclubs in Goa or Panaji will leave you spoilt for choices.

The Malabar Coast and the Odisha coast have many hidden wonders where travellers can experience the most magical of seaside sunsets. On the other hand, sea-side destinations like the Somnath Temple in Gujarat and Mahabaleshwar in the South offer a magnificent view of the past.
So no matter what your interests are, coastal holidays in India has something for everyone. We, at TripStar, take pride in offering attractive tour packages to destinations across India. If you want something more customised, get in touch with our specialist tour planner and we can map out a holiday plan that suits you best.

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