Desert Camping

Camping in the land of sand, where the sand kisses the moonlit sky

The majestic and powerfully appealing Thar Desert is a spectacle beyond imagination. Camping in this desert region of the Indian subcontinent is perhaps the only adventure tour that lets the bohemian minds, the adventure-seekers, and nature explorers experience an exquisitely raw, nomadic adventure.
The most fascinating part of camping in desert Thar is the camel ride. Drifting through the towering sand dunes and barren lands on the back of a camel as the sun sets is an experience of a lifetime that will rejuvenate your mind and soul. Looking at the changing formations of sand piles while riding through the never-ending desert is another sensational experience, a rare adventure that is hardly experienced in any other adventure travel format.

Why Go Desert Camping With TripStar?

Being a leading adventure tour operator, we, at TripStar, have a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in guided adventure tours, who will assist you to explore the remotest areas of the Indian desert region. In order to bring to you the best of Thar, we have merged everything from camel safaris to desert treks, and jeep safaris in our adventure travel package to make your desert camping experience as unique, memorable, and absorbing as possible.
The chilly nights in the desert are spent in comfortable deluxe canvas tents, which, with its first-rate modern amenities will heighten your desert camping experience with a royal touch. During the evenings you can simply lie on a sand dune and watch the star-studded sky, or enjoy the traditional folk dances in the campsite with a hot beverage before an authentic Rajasthani dinner is served to you.
The most amazing thing about being in the middle of a vast natural wonder like the Thar Desert is that it can so easily make you forget the mundane things of life. It’s just the desert, and you, and nothing else matters. These are truly the moments in life that connects us with our inner self.
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