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A desert rarely comes up to the mind when one thinks of planning a trip. The usual choices are between sea shores, the woods, or the hills. However, a desert trek is actually an exciting adventure in itself, a one-of-a kind experience. Want to plan an unforgettable vacation with expert travel guides? Let TripStar take you to the heartland of the Great Indian Desert.
The vastness of endless sand-dunes is in itself a mind expanding sight. One may compare the unending waves of sand hills with stilled ocean waves that stopped at the shores for eternity. Our professional guides ensure that the trip is comfortable and enjoyable in its uniqueness. The journey usually begins once you reach Jaisalmer, which is considered as the last city on the fringe of the Thar Desert. The travel operator would take you to a base camp, into the desert.
The treks take you up and down the sand dunes. In the beginning, you would see some desert vegetation like shrubs and bushy trees. Wildlife includes peacocks and deer. Going a little deeper into the sand, an imposing silence welcomes you under the glaring sun. The wind blows hard without any obstacles. It can be really difficult actually to walk against a hard wind. The travel guide is experienced with the signs of a sand storm, so there is nothing to worry.

This adventure tour truly has a timeless feeling because the desert has been still like that for millions of years! Try to feel this timelessness with all your mind for an unforgettable memory. At the evening, the weary travellers return to the base camp to gather around the bonfire. Folk dancers and special desert cuisine ends the day.


At TripStar, we provide a full-spectrum travel experience, wherever you want to go! Our hiking, trekking & mountain climbing services include unconventional desert treks besides the typical trekking in the hills or mountains.

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