Diamond Harbour
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Diamond Harbour - The Beckoning of the Ganges


Travelling always helps break free from the chaos of the daily life. But you may not have the time to plan a long holiday. In such cases, a short trip to a weekend destination or a weekend drive can be great options. A weekend in Diamond Harbour is one such wonderful option to consider if you are looking to relax with your family and friends this weekend.

Lighthouse, Forts and Ganges


With only 48 km drive from Kolkata, Diamond Harbour is one of the most popular weekend destinations from Kolkata. Located right on the banks of the mighty Hooghly River, the Fort at Diamond Harbour bespeaks historical remnants of 16th century. The original name for Diamond Harbour was Hajipur and it was during the British reign when the name was changed. The place is actually the turning point of the Ganges as it steers southwards to meet the Bay of the Bengal. It was between Kolkata and Diamond Harbour where the first ever telegraph line was constructed in India.

Diamond Harbour - The Beckoning of the Ganges

Diamond Harbour itself is a small locality and one can get around the place in van and cycle rickshaws. One of the primary attractions here is the ancient Fort of Chingrikhali, which was built by the Portuguese. There also stands an age old church and a burial ground along with the old lighthouse, the remains of what could only be seen. The ferry ride across the Ganges is something that one should not miss at any cost. If you are travelling with your family or friends, the spot can be an ideal one for picnic. One also gets to grab a taste at the local eatery with fishes like Hilsa in abundance during the season. Crabs and lobsters are also available alongside.
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