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The desert is spectacular in its nothingness. It possesses a unique allure that has been attracting travelers since times immemorial. Whether you want to get a first-hand feel of the desert life or want to explore the exceptional flora and fauna that deserts have, it’s always worth an adventure pushing through all those endless sand dunes. If you are up for adesert tour on wheels, TripStar is the tour operator for you.
Our experienced travel operators guide you into the desert wilderness where you get to drive through the fascinating landscape. Our guided desert adventure vacations offer amazing tour options and activities for backpackers, groups, and families alike. There is no dearth of thrills— from bonfires to camel rides or safaris anddesert treks into the shifting sands. Check out adventure travel packages into the Great Indian Desert or get a trip customized especially for you — we, at TripStar, are focused at making every trip for you a rewarding experience.
Only a few minutes’ drive from the inhabited rustic towns, the magnificent golden sands welcome you. For people who have never really seen a desert, it is like an ocean of sand. You get that same feeling, somehow, like standing at the sea shore, but the silence makes the difference.
The desert climate is a play of extremes. During the day, a blinding sun shines high. The temperature begins to drop sharply as the sun circles on the other side of the moon. New travelers would actually find this drop in mercury rather surprising, but that’s the thrill of it! It is like being in two different places, by the climate. As far as the arid vegetation is visible, you can also enjoy some desert wildlife spotting.

If you are curious to know how it feels to drive in deserts, allow us to plan your next desert trip!

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