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Road Trips Through the Mighty Mountains

The Himalayan road expedition is held with the highest praise across veteran backpackers all over the world. Every year, thousands cruise by these magical roads on their two and four wheelers. At TripStar, we make the best arrangements for bikers and family expeditions alike. As experienced adventure tour operators, we offer full assistance from mapping your road trip route to the mountains and back, to the very last destination from where you can head back home.

The planning starts with selecting the road to take. This could be somewhat confusing for first time travellers as every road has its own attractions. Plus, driving in Himalayas require efficient vehicle, specific gears and safety equipment. TripStar is here to guide you on the best vehicle, compulsory gear, and the proper driving technique and the best routes to navigate your way through the Roof of the World.
Here is a brief rundown of two of the most amazing driveways into the heartlands of Himalayas. The Srinagar-Leh-Manali route takes you across breathtaking sceneries, by vast expanses of endless skies, and a comfortable cool breeze accompanying you. Visiting the Tibetan holy shrines or enjoying tea made with yak milk are some of the highlights of this trip. When you return, you are a different person, enriched with feelings truly spiritual, that only the Himalayas can inspire.

The Old Hindustan Tibet Road from Shimla to Manali takes you across Lahul Spiti. The sceneries are simply beautiful, and they definitely create one of the best romantic getaways. By virtue of being professional tour operators for adventure trips in India, this road trip often tops our list of suggestions. Our all-inclusive Himalayan vacations cover everything from hotel bookings to spotting the best attractions that the mountains offer.


Besides these two roadways mentioned above, there are many other routes. The conveyance is always comfortable, whether you choose a self-trip on bikes or cars. Our guided adventure vacations also include arrangements for adventure sports such as paragliding, Heli-skiing, white water rafting, and trekking. Just let us know your interest areas in details to avail a custom adventure travel arrangement.

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