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Surrender Yourself to the Mystery of the Jungles

The mysterious greenery and wilderness of the jungles inspires awe. If you have been craving for a holiday away from the cacophony of the city, the jungle is a great destination for you. You will inevitably feel this disconnection with the city life soon after entering the woods. The silence of the trees, their array into the depths, and the surrounding sights and sounds of the wild take the traveller to a different world altogether.
Rich in glorious flora and fauna, and home to primitive tribes, India has always been a land of forests. Strictly protected by the highest authorities, the pristine forests continue to inspire all travellers to find their true roots. At TripStar, we provide complete assistance withdrive in jungles tours across India.
Take a trip with us to the famous forests of Ranthambore, Gir, Nilgiiris, or the Himalayasand explore their characteristic natural features and wildlife. Forest lands in different places of India are uniquely famous for their animals. The lion is the King of Gir, the one-horned rhino in Kaziranga, bears in Odisha, tuskers in Dooars, and the tigers of Bandhavgarh. Coming face to face with these powerful animals in their natural habitats is definitely a treat for the true jungle lover and adventurists.
We also conduct regular jungle driving trips to woody terrains of Odisha, the North East, Uttaranchal, Maharashtra, and other places. Closer to our home base, trips to the Sunderban woods are always within reach.
Due to the nature of the terrains in this mangrove forests, a drive in jungles adventure is out of the question. Nevertheless, interested travellers can definitely explore the mysteries of Sunderban heartlands on canoes plied by experienced local oarsmen. It is definitely a trip worthy of daredevils, for Sunderban, the name itself evokes the majestic memories of the Royal Bengal Tiger and crocodiles.
With experienced local guides in our teams, we make sure the every jungle drive trip is conducted through the safest routes. Want to experience the best drive in jungle trips, get in touch with us today!

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