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With more than 450 wildlife sanctuaries, 40 tiger reserves, and 99 national parks, India embraces a fascinating biodiversity that virtually makes it a haven for jungle lovers seeking big-time, real-deal, hard-core wildlife adventures.
The country is famed worldwide for rare species like Asiatic Lions, King Cobras, Single-Horned Rhinos, Snow Leopards, NilgiriTahrs, Lion Tailed Macaques, more than 40 species of deer including the Black Buck, and of course, the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger, which basks in international glory, thanks to Rudyard Kipling and the legendary Jim Corbett.
From Gujarat to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh to Chhattisgarh, Assam, to the mountainous terrains of Uttarakhand, Orissa, and the Gangetic plains of West Bengal, India, in its every nook and cranny, subsumes enthralling wildlife ideal for those intrigued by the spooky mysteries of jungles.

We, at TripStar, with a dedicated team of qualified experts, organise guided adventure tours that make jungle trekking possible in Indian forests. Amalgamating the best of wildlife adventure tourism from all over India, our jungle adventures encompass a varied mix of high-voltage activities like jeep safaris, wildlife spotting, walks, and jungle treks.

Our highly-experienced jungle trekexperts and adventure professionals makeevery jungle treka truly rewarding experience unlike any other. All our jungle treks are conducted with prior permission from the authorities and we carry all the necessary paperwork. Plus, we always have 1-2 local people as additional guides in our jungle trekking team.

With a customer-oriented approach, we explore every viable resource to meet your needs and expectations, so that you have the best of jungle trek and wildlife adventure while enjoying excellent accommodation, convenience, and safety. Put your trust in us, and this will be the most insightful and memorable jungle trek for you that will make you a more enlightened wildlife adventurer as you return home.

Let our jungle trek be your next vacation in the wild. Contact us today to plan your trip! 

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