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Discover the Bliss of Camping in Mountains

If you want to experience nature at its best, there’s nothing better than to spend some days in the lap of pristine mountains. At TripStar, we have designed our mountain adventure tour packages to be a one-of-a-kind experience that connects your mind, body, and senses to the mother of all — the Nature.
More than just an impressive list of spectacular views, or exhilarating activities, our mountain adventure trips are carefully crafted, customized and personalized especially for you, so that you can play safely in the lap of Mother Nature.
From leisurely family camping in hills to strenuous, spine-chilling mountain expeditions, weekend hill hiking to crazy, fun-filled adventure activities, or trekking in Himalayas, no matter who you are —an amateur trekker, or a professional, an extreme adventurist, or an explorer — we have something for everyone.
While camping in mountains with TripStar, you can count yourself in for a variety of intense adventure activities like hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing, rocky trail cycling, mountain river rafting, angling, paragliding, rappelling, and many more. The list of possibilities is practically endless, as long as you can push yourself.

Why Choose TripStar as Your Mountain Camping Partner?

  • Our mountain camping trips are designed in a way to meet the preferences of all kind of travellers
  • We have a team of expert and certified adventure tour specialists
  • We strictly follow a no-compromise approach on safety standards
  • Our world-class equipment and gears make our trips safer and more convenient
  • Our guided adventure tours are perfect for even first-time campers
To make camping in mountains your best-ever experience, call us today!

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