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Traversing the tricky mountain routes can test your physical and psychological limits. Throw in the complexity of harsh weather and steep elevations and what you get is the ultimate challenge for adventurists and mountain enthusiasts. However, mountain expeditions are an adventure of a lifetime. For many, the experiences they take away from these expeditions forever shape their character and perception on the world. Therefore, if you love travelling, this is certainly an experience you shouldn’t deprive yourself of!
Wondering if you can pull it off? At TripStar, we have a host of mountain expeditions that are graded according to their difficulty levels. So even if you are a first-timer, you can enjoy this experience in keeping with your physical capabilities. Our mountain adventure tours are spread across several key destinations in India. As expert adventure tour operators, we organise of treks and expeditions to the Himalaya and East Karakoram stretching from Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh to Uttarakhand, Nepal, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan, Arunachal Pradesh, North-Eastern India and Tibet. Not only this. We also take you to adventure strips in other famous mountain ranges such as the Satpuras, the Nilgiris, the Eastern and Western Ghats.
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Each of our mountain expeditions come with distinctly different flavours and experiences. For example, the mountains of Leh-Ladakh welcome you to peace and serenity with Buddhist Gumphas and monasteries around. The Nilgiri hills, on the other hand, are rich in greenery, strikingly different from the vast expanse of the Ladakh regions. Plan the perfect itinerary with professional travel guides at TripStar.
Our team of professional mountaineers have travelled across the span of the country and are well accustomed with local customs and culture to provide a most fascinating commentary as you pass by the milestones one after another.
Are you ready go on a mountain expedition? Choose from our range of mountain expedition packages or contact our adventure tour specialists today!
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