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Tarapith – A Journey tothe Sacred Land

For the free spirited heart, weekend getaways are an indulgence. Whether alone or with a like mind, one who loves to travel will always be in search of the unseen, exploring the unexplored. A weekend in Tarapith is a great option for someone seeking a spiritual escapade for a weekend. Bur even for regular travellers, this land of ‘Tantra’ can be pretty exciting.

A history of faith and devotion

Popularly believed to be the abode of Goddess Tara, Tarapith is one such rustic locale where devotees from all over the country flock in millions every year. A weekend destination near Kolkata, Tarapith is the most visited place in the district of Birbhum gaining wide spread popularity as a site of Hindu pilgrimage. The place is named after “Tara” meaning eyeball which in Hindu mythology relates to the “Tandav” dance by lord Shiva wherein the body of Goddess Sati was shattered into pieces. The eyeballs were believed to have graced the land of Tarapith, where the deity is enshrined inside the famous temple. It is this very place where Bamakhyapa, one of the greatest devotees of Goddess Tara did his “sadhana” or meditation.

One of the chief attractions in Tarapith is the stone clad temple that houses the deity of Goddess Tara. The temple is unique in its architectural form which is referred to as “dochala” which is actually a curved roof. The walls of the temple are intricately designed with religious symbols and motifs. Another great attraction is the Maha Samsan where many Tantriks are believed to practice black magic. Other notable places to pay a visit include the Mallarpur Shiv Temple, Birchandrapur Temple, Bakreswar Temple and the Bamakhyapa Temple.
Getting to Tarapith is fairly easy if one is travelling across the expressway of Panagarh-Morgram. The nearby Railway station is Rampurhat from where it takes about 10 kms to reach the place. If you are looking to visit Tarapith during the weekend, it is highly recommended that you go for the best guide tour packages offered by TripStar.
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